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Jack Ma retires, man regrets charity, teacher towels makeup, and vlogger responds to child’s death—it’s Viral Week

Viral Week is our weekly round-up of the weekend’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are chatting about.

This week, Jack Ma steps down with spectacle, a vlogger responds to the injuries of child copycats, a teacher practices hands-on rule enforcement, and a man regrets his charity:

Full-bloomed retirement
Alibaba founder Jack Ma officially stepped down as chairman of the board of directors at the company’s 20th anniversary party, leaving his employees an unforgettable performance of the rock song “A Full-Bloomed Life” in black leather costume and dreadlocks.

Pop culture
Popular vlogger “Ms. Yeah” has denied responsibility for the injuries suffered by two Shandong children—one of whom later died—who allegedly imitated her popular DIY popcorn-making video, though she has said she’s willing to help the victims.

Losing face
A video of a male teacher vigorously toweling makeup off female students’ faces at a Guizhou school’s gate met mixed reactions, as some netizens supported the school’s makeup ban, while others questioned his humiliating methods (and the hygiene of using the same towel for all the students).

Charity of impulses
A man in Shishi, Fujian, is pleading for the return of 100,000 RMB’s worth of his savings, which he had impulsively thrown to eager passersby in the street after having a bad day at work.

Asleep on the job
The Haier Group responded to criticism that it fired four employees who took a nap at work (a common practice in most Chinese workplaces), clarifying that the four had slept during working hours instead of their lunch break in violation of the company’s code.

Bad investment
A man in Changsha smashed a Ferrari at a car dealership, creating 500,000 RMB damage, supposedly in order to attract the shop owner’s attention and convince him to invest 4 million RMB in his startup.

Dogged demand
A woman running from an unleashed husky in Guangzhou jumped on top of a car. When the car owner demanded 1,200 RMB to fix the dents on his car roof, the dog owner ran away and left the woman to pay.

Panda chorale
A Finnish zoo arranged for a local choir to serenade its resident panda for the Mid-Autumn Festival to the tune of “Wishing We Last Forever” 《但愿人长久》, a song for faraway lovers.

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