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Viral Week: Gaokao scores released and other trending news

Chinese Mars footage released, police dogs up for adoption, fire at martial arts school, gaokao scores released—it's Viral Week

Viral Week is our weekly round-up of the weekend’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are talking about.

This week, the results of the high school entrance exam (gaokao) bring both joy and disappointment, police dogs go up for adoption, an art gallery receives criticism for a sexist exhibition, and a fatal fire breaks out at a martial arts academy:

Man in his 50s takes the gaokao for the 25th time

Liang Shi, a 54-year-old small business owner from Sichuan province, has failed his 25th attempt at the National College Entrance Exams (gaokao), which he has been taking on and off since 1988. Liang, whose score was 403 on the latest attempt, says he will keep trying until he can gain admittance to the prestigious Sichuan University.

Delivery driver re-sitter scores high

In Xiangyang, Hubei province, 26-year-old delivery driver Wang Wei scored an impressive 623 when he retook the gaokao this year, two years after dropping out of university because he felt study offered him no future, preferring to start making money by delivering takeouts. Wang claimed his experience working made him realize the importance of qualifications, and he now plans to become a teacher.

Song of sorrow for poor gaokao score

In Anhui province, a disappointed gaokao examinee surnamed Zhang expressed his anguish at a lower than expected score by playing a sorrowful tune on the erhu. Zhang will re-take the test next year.

Failed police dogs seeking new homes

The Criminal Investigation Police University of China, Liaoning province, is putting up 54 canines for auction who failed to qualify as police dogs. Prospective adopters must sign a written agreement stating they meet their local regulations for dog ownership, will not resell the dog, and will care for the dog until its natural death.

Shanghai gallery slammed for sexist exhibition

Shanghai’s OCT-Contemporary Art Terminal apologized after displaying an artwork titled “校花” (“campus flower,” the most beautiful girl in school) in Chinese, but “Uglier and Uglier” in English, a video in which thousands of female college students were ranked according to their attractiveness. Artist Song Ta took the photos without the women’s knowledge over the course of a year. The gallery displayed the work in early June but removed it on June 18 after public outcry.

Missing girl found with drones

Firefighters used drones to rescue a four-year-old girl with autism, who had gone missing on a family trip to Yuzhugui Mountain Park in Yulin, Guangxi. The drones found the lost girl sitting alone on a cliff 20 meters above the ground.

Tragic fire at martial arts center

A fire at Zhenxing Martial Arts Center in Henan province killed at least 18 students, mostly between the ages of 7 and 16. A further 16 students sustained serious injuries. The origins of the fire are currently unknown and police have arrested the training center’s manager.

Footage from Mars

China's National Space Administration (CNSA) released the first footage of its Zhurong rover conducting its first exploration rounds on Mars, gathering exciting landing footage and recordings of important sounds. The 240-kilogram rover first landed on Mar's surface on May 22. Since then, it has been collecting surface elements and minerals that could help researchers further understand the planet's terrain.


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