Shanghai Lockdown Fitness Livestreamer Goes Viral and Other Trending News

Stranded whale saved, Shanghai man finds snake in vegetable order, musician turns into lockdown fitness guru, monkey attacks toddler—it’s Viral Week


Birds and Their Meanings in China

Magpies for happiness, cuckoos for sorrow, and cranes for longevity—learn the symbolism of birds in China


Shanghai Struggles Under Lockdown and Other Trending News

Shanghai residents struggle with life under lockdown, another pet killed for virus prevention, Jay Chou victim of NFT heist, cyberbullying victim commits suicide—it’s Viral Week


Covid Infections Hit Two-Year Peak and Other Trending News

Worst Covid surge since 2020, viral “Two Sessions” proposals, pandemic workers cull more pets, traffic police make sexist jokes—it’s Viral Week


Five Classic Chinese Tiger Tales

Traditional folk stories about tigers still told today


Best (and Worst) Tiger Fashions this Lunar New Year

International brands have released their annual animal zodiac-themed products—we rate them here


Art of the Tiger

Fierce, majestic, tame: Depictions of tigers have changed over centuries in Chinese art


How Strict Covid-19 Policies can be a Death Sentence for Pets

China’s strict Covid-19 policies mean pets face euthanasia when owners are quarantined


Hotel Room With View of Tigers and Other Trending News

Wildlife park criticized for tiger-enclosure hotel room, man smashes ancient Buddha statues after prayers go unanswered, home-alone dog trashes house—it’s Viral Week


Mother of Murdered Woman Finally Compensated and Other Trending News

Mother of murdered woman finally compensated, blind date couple forced to quarantine together, Omicron cases spread, more ostriches on the loose—it’s Viral Week

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