Hotel Room With View of Tigers and Other Trending News

Wildlife park criticized for tiger-enclosure hotel room, man smashes ancient Buddha statues after prayers go unanswered, home-alone dog trashes house—it’s Viral Week


Mother of Murdered Woman Finally Compensated and Other Trending News

Mother of murdered woman finally compensated, blind date couple forced to quarantine together, Omicron cases spread, more ostriches on the loose—it’s Viral Week


Women Suffer Miscarriages Amid Covid Outbreak and Other Trending News

Xi’an battles China’s worst Covid outbreak since 2020, woman spends 100,000 yuan on dog’s birthday, ostrich escapes on highway—it’s Viral Week

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Cost of Cute: Why Animal Abuse is Rife in China’s Pet Industry

China’s pet industry is booming, but abuse is rampant at every stage of the sector


Top Animal News of 2021

From the creation of national parks to leopards at large, here are some of the most significant headlines about animals in China this year


Panda Escapes at Beijing Zoo and Other Trending News

Panda’s daring escape attempt from Bejing Zoo, Omicron variant discovered in China, crab rescues clothing, Han dynasty emperor’s mausoleum identified—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Pet Dog Culled While Owner Quarantines and Other Trending News

Pet dog culled by virus prevention staff, livestream of “haunted” house fails to entice buyers, radio hosts have heated argument about cabbage on air—it’s Viral Week


My Years as a Wildlife Rescue Worker

From observing giant pandas in the high-altitude forests of Sichuan to raising baby badgers in Nanjing city—what’s it like working to protect wildlife in China?


Viral Week: Father and son reunited after 24 years and other trending news

Father searches 24 years for trafficked son, man steals manhole covers to pay live streamer, a Kris Wu scandal—it's Viral Week

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The Sky-High Stakes of Chinese Pigeon Racing

With big money invading pigeon-racing, hobbyists wonder about the future of their time-honored sport

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