20th Party Congress Opens and Other Trending News

Communist Party congress opens, netizens mourn famous cat’s death, new fungus species wets tastebuds, woman finds mother 32 years after her abduction—it’s Viral Week


Soy Sauce Brand Faces Additives Controversy and Other Trending News

Soy sauce brand faces questions over additives, tech billionaire settles sexual assault case, turtle falls from eighth story and survives, Qingdao landmark collapses after heavy rain—it’s Viral Week


March of the Elephants: Stories from Behind a Lens

Director Olivia Chen talks about filming an elephant herd on a march through Yunnan province


Fish Swabbed for Covid-19 and Other Trending News

Fish get tested for Covid, record heatwave causes energy shortages, man sued for breaking coworker’s ribs with hug, driver cooks noodles on steering wheel—it’s Viral Week


Off the Leash: Why are Pet-Friendly Spaces So Rare in China?

Dog ownership in China is booming, but finding inclusive spaces for animals remains a tall order in most cities


Sanya Lockdown Leaves Thousands Stranded and Other Trending News

Thousands stranded in tourist hotspot, vlogger faces prison for eating endangered shark, Tangshan in the news again, netizens react to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit—it’s Viral Week


Shanghai Lockdown Fitness Livestreamer Goes Viral and Other Trending News

Stranded whale saved, Shanghai man finds snake in vegetable order, musician turns into lockdown fitness guru, monkey attacks toddler—it’s Viral Week


Birds and Their Meanings in China

Magpies for happiness, cuckoos for sorrow, and cranes for longevity—learn the symbolism of birds in China


Shanghai Struggles Under Lockdown and Other Trending News

Shanghai residents struggle with life under lockdown, another pet killed for virus prevention, Jay Chou victim of NFT heist, cyberbullying victim commits suicide—it’s Viral Week


Covid Infections Hit Two-Year Peak and Other Trending News

Worst Covid surge since 2020, viral “Two Sessions” proposals, pandemic workers cull more pets, traffic police make sexist jokes—it’s Viral Week