What Reactions to Female Astronaut Say About Gender Roles

Domestic media coverage about Wang Yaping, the Chinese space station’s first female astronaut, includes talk of cosmetics and sanitary pads


Viral Week: Didi banned from app stores and other trending news

China's space station astronauts take first space walk, red panda has four cubs, boy wears skirt to school, intricate tofu carvings amaze—it's Viral Week


Viral Week: Gaokao scores released and other trending news

Chinese Mars footage released, police dogs up for adoption, fire at martial arts school, gaokao scores released—it's Viral Week


Viral Week: China's historic space mission and other trending news

Three astronauts reach China's space station, hero pig passes away, professor sparks debate on housing prices, actors chased by wolves onstage—it's Viral Week


Everything You Need to Know About Shenzhou-12

Facts about China's historic manned mission to its new space station—including what the Chinese astronauts will be eating


Goodbye, Grandpa Yuan

Five things you didn't know about the "Father of Hybrid Rice"


Space Expectations

China’s growing presence in Hollywood sci-fi movies

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Silicon Saga

How a Beijing electronics market became the cradle of China’s tech revolution

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Rovers Return

China is encouraging overseas experts to repatriate, but can it offer a truly welcoming environment for research?

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In Guiyang, the world’s largest radio telescope is taking astronomy—and the local economy—rapidly into the future

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