Titanic Replica
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Viral Week: Titanic replica rusts and other trending news

Actor boycotted for visiting Japanese shrines, abusive summer camp closed down, actress dies from collision with camels, and real-life murder becomes screenplay—it's Viral Week

Viral Week is our weekly round-up of the weekend’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are chatting about.

Replica of doomed ship a Titanic failure

A life-size replica of the Titanic, started in 2014 and four years overdue, is still nothing but a rusty hull in Sichuan province. The project aims to recreate the original liner, but has already cost over 1 billion yuan. The project's manager told Jimu News finishing touches should be complete by 2023 but admitted "there is a risk of a break in funding for the next two years."

Bank robber insists on calling police

A man in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, became so anxious about unpayable debts he tried "robbing ” a bank with a kitchen knife after a few drinks. The bank manager tried to talk him out of it by listing possible punishments. The “robber” insisted the manager call the police, fearing worse punishments if caught later. He was detained on the spot, as he had wished.

Actress dies after camel collision 

TV actor Yu Yuexian died on August 9 after a car she was riding in collided with a herd of camels in Inner Mongolia. Yu had starred in popular dramas about life in the countryside. Local authorities concluded that though Yu was wearing a seatbelt, her driver had been distracted and speeding.

Backlash for unauthorized murder screenplay 

The family members of Deng Shiping, whose body was discovered under a school sports field 16 years after he went missing, are objecting to a film based on his murder. Deng's daughter says the studio did not get the family's permission to write the screenplay, and expressed concern the movie may misrepresent or defame her father. 

Military school runs abusive summer camp

The principal of a military school in Hebei province has been accused of running a summer camp where multiple children were verbally and physically abused, parents barred from visiting. One parent became concerned when sent a photograph of her child being beaten, receiving an SOS note from another child when she investigated. Three children have been hospitalized.

Blogger sues hotel when naked man enters her room

A beauty blogger is suing a hotel company after a man walked into her room at 3 am completely naked. He fled after she screamed for help, but not before accusing her of "inviting people over with your door open." She described hotel staff as unconcerned, denying her access to CCTV footage until forced by police officers.

Actor cancelled for visiting Japanese shrines

Major brands like Coca-Cola have terminated contracts with rising TV actor Zhang Zhehan, after photos surfaced of him at a wedding in Tokyo's Nogi Shrine and later visiting the Yasukuni Shrine. The two shrines are controversial in China, the first dedicated to a Japanese military general from the First Sino-Japanese War, the second housing remains of Japanese war criminals from the World War II occupation of China.

Another celebrity falls due to “low morals”

Just weeks after Chinese-Canadian Kris Wu's fall from grace, 31-year-old singer Huo Zun apologized and announced his retirement after his ex-girlfriend said he had cheated on her. She claimed he had coerced her into ending their eight-year relationship, and made misogynistic remarks in a celebrity WeChat group. 


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