Olympic Weightlifter Faces Doping Ban and Trending News from 2022

Two-time Olympic champion Lü Xiaojun tests positive for banned substance, EV startup blackmailed by hackers, and China stops publishing Covid numbers—plus, our editors’ picks for the top viral news of 2022


Giant Cat Mistaken for Lynx and Other Trending News

China’s first UFC winner reclaims title, mysterious patterns under lake, milk tea shop closed for greetings, and students crawl for stress-relief—it’s Viral Week

Lake Drained for ‘Monster Fish’ and Other Trending News

Carnivorous fish caught in Henan lake, volleyball players compete in masks, new “Minions” movie censored, and China’s last reindeer tribe’s leader passes away—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Nike Discrimination and Other Trending News

Sparrow rides bullet train, astronauts walk in space, and student arrested for salting snails—it's Viral Week


Viral Week: Animals imitate tourists and other trending news

Sex scandal at Alibaba, family of 16 in quarantine, and the Olympics close with breakthroughs for Chinese athletes—it's Viral Week


2020 in Scams

Strange and audacious swindles from this year’s headlines


2020 in Burglar News

Sometimes, they make headlines for more than just the crime


Viral Week: Top News By Month

The events that most shocked, impressed, or outraged the internet from January to December


Viral Week Ep. 275

Covid cyberbullying, selfie ban, hair dye prohibited, and senior’s roller coaster ride—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week Ep. 257

Official’s book panned, fried rice fail, criminal becomes public servant, and ancient walls withstand floods—it’s Viral Week

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