Hainan: Jade Cliffs to Ocean Paradise


Hainan, China’s steamy southern frontier, was once a backwater where disgraced politicians were exiled. Now, it welcomes over 76 million tourists each year. But the sunny province is more than just a vacationers’ mecca: This new English-language book by The World of Chinese magazine showcases Hainan to English-speaking readers worldwide through a deep dive into its natural, cultural, and humanistic charms.

ISSN: 978-7-100-18488-5

FIND illustrated maps, photographs, and listings of attractions big and small

LEARN about the island’s unlikely history, from a land of exiles to a hub of international tourism and business

HEAR stories of the people who call the province home, including laid-back surfers, diaspora Chinese, and locals gathering over coffee and tea

ENJOY the nature, culture, food, sports, and hospitality of Hainan through the eyes of seasoned travelers