Jilin: Land of Mystery


Tucked away in China’s northeast is a land of soaring volcanoes, monstrous legends, and ancient forests. It’s the ancient homeland for Manchu and Korean ethnicities, as well as a bustling modern hub of science and technology. This is Jilin, a province where stark contrasts—ice and fire, the old and the new—can all thrive. Discover China’s new northeast in Jilin: Land of Mystery, the latest cultural travel guide from The World of Chinese magazine. Journey in one of China’s most fascinating frontiers, a land of forests, snow, and survival in the far northeast.

EXPLORE Jilin’s natural, cultural, and historical attractions with award- winning photography and illustrated guides

CONNECT with wildlife conservationists, shamans, ice-fishers, mechanics, and others who call Jilin province home

EXPERIENCE Jilin’s rich multiethnic vibe and famous hospitality with writers on the ground

WONDER at the history and renaissance of a province now staking its claim as one of China’s new leaders in snow sports, culture, and technology