Hangzhou at a Glance


“I was born in Hangzhou, I grew up in Hangzhou, studied in Hangzhou, and worked in Hangzhou. I started businesses in Hangzhou, my colleagues are in Hangzhou, and my dreams are in Hangzhou. Hangzhou gives me sustenance.” - JACK MA

No matter who you are, there’s a place for you in Hangzhou.GUIDES for historians, nature lovers, families, foodies, art lovers, shoppers, and much more. LISTINGS for the finest places you’ll want to go based on the experiences of long-time residents, expert journalists, and seasoned entrepreneurs.TRAVEL MAPS and information to keep your trip to Hangzhou interesting, whether you’re at home or on holiday.TASTE, HEAR, AND SEE all that Hangzhou has to offer with evocative stories and experiences in the only guide you’ll ever need for Hangzhou.