2023 Asia World Cup
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China Relinquishes Hosting Rights for Asian Cup and Other Trending News

Viral math genius refutes rumors, Elon Musk wants to meet Chinese doppleganger, 2023 soccer tournament won’t be held in China, livestreaming restricted for kids—it’s Viral Week
Viral Week is our weekly round-up of the weekend’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are talking about.

Elon Musk wants to meet his Chinese doppleganger “Yilong Ma”

Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that he would like to meet his Chinese doppleganger, a Hebei native who calls himself Yilong Ma. Yilong Ma runs a Douyin account under the name “Elong Musk” with over 230,000 followers. But Yilong’s Weibo account has since been blocked, with netizens speculating the account uses “deep fake” techniques to create the resemblance with Musk.

Acclaimed rural poet Yu Xiuhua’s remarriage sparks debate

Yu Xiuhua, a 46-year-old rural farmer-turned-poet, got married for the second time, this time to a man 14 years her junior, leading to heated debate online on whether the couple married for love. Xu, who has cerebral palsy, has been popular and controversial for her bold, outspoken poetry, with lines such as “Crossing Half of China to Fuck You.” She divorced her ex-husband, who was over 10 years older than her, and ended their 20-year arranged marriage in 2015 after she gained fame, compensating him over 150,000 yuan.

Math genius refutes rumors

Wei Dongyi, a mathematics lecturer of Peking University who has been dubbed “God Wei” for his genius and his legendary frugal lifestyle (Wei is often seen around campus in plain clothes, holding a water bottle and eating steamed buns) refuted the latest rumor of his math prowess which stated it took him just one night to solve a maths problem that had stumped PhD students for months. Wei also debunked rumors that Harvard University had offered to admit him in spite of his poor English performance. Wei asked not to be disturbed by the media and fans.

China withdraws from hosting 2023 AFC Asian Cup due to Covid-19

China has withdrawn from hosting the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, citing Covid-19 concerns. The soccer tournament, held every four years, was scheduled to be hosted across ten Chinese cities next June. A replacement host will be announced in due course.

Teenage celebrity abused for “inappropriate” behavior with girlfriend

14-year-old Zhang Yuexuan, son of model and actor Zhang Liang, and his girlfriend were abused for photos circulated online of them hugging and kissing, seemingly at a night club. Many netizens believed their behavior (and the girl’s low-cut clothes) to be inappropriate for their age. Better known as Tiantian, Zhang Yuexuan gained fame eight years ago via the reality show Dad, Where Are We Going, which featured several celebrity parents and children, including the Zhangs.

Bubble tea in bottle shaped like laundry detergent sparks controversy

Nanjing restaurant Nanyeli sparked controversy for its new milk tea packaging shaped like a laundry detergent bottle. Some worry that such packaging could mislead children to believe that laundry detergent is drinkable. The restaurant says they have not received any complaints from customers so far.

Boy gets head stuck in desk drawer

An elementary school student in Ezhou, Hubei province, got his his head stuck in his desk drawer during his lunch break. Local firefighters had to free the boy by stretching the desk open with tools. In the comments section of the Weibo post, many netizens recalled similar childhood memories.

China restricts livestreaming for minors

The National Radio and Television Administration announced new regulations that prohibit children under 16 from livestreaming, while those between 16 and 18 must obtain parental permission. Minors are have also been banned from “tipping” (sending money and gifts to livestreamers) online.

Toddler who fell into drain still missing

A 3-year-old boy who fell into an open drain in Xi’an on the evening of May 12 is still missing after four days of searching. The boy’s father attempted to rescue the toddler, but the water washed the boy away.


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