What’s in Chinese Netizens’ DNA?

What Chinese netizens mean when they say, “My DNA moved”


Viral Week: First Chinese Woman Visits Space Station and Other Trending News

Three more astronauts visit Tianhe space station, murder in Shanghai, LinkedIn leaves China, otter rewarded for saving cellphone—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Five Dead in Shanxi Floods and Other Trending News

Covid outbreak in Xinjiang, 120,000 displaced Shanxi flooding, hospital forces woman into unnecessary surgery—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Meng Wanzhou Released and Other Trending News

Huawei heir returns to China, Megatron a viral hit at new Universal Beijing Resort, children’s clothing company criticized for strange English designs—it’s Viral Week


Three Child Policy Spawns a Million Memes

The new measure aimed to alleviate an aging population—but online it sparked jokes and ridicule


Viral Week: The "Father of Hybrid Rice" dies and other trending news

Yuan Longping passes away, ultramarathon hit by tragedy, skyscraper starts shaking, child gymnast rolls into the record books—it's Viral Week


Viral Week: A controversial suicide in a Chengdu school and other trending news

Landmark Mars landing, tornadoes kill 12, plucky dog takes on brown bear, fruit seller accused of peddling overly sweet watermelons—it's Viral Week


Roasted and Burned

China's comedy roast show is tame yet controversial


Viral Week: H&M boycott and other viral news

H&M boycotted, alpaca with a taste for spice, long lost twins find each other via Douyin


Viral Week Ep. 286

Epic sandstorm hits Beijing, college student bullied for using English, TCM fraud outed—it’s Viral Week

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