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Photo Credit: Nicoco Chan

One Congress, Five Years of Change in Infographics

Charting China’s changes from the last Communist Party Congress to now

As the 2,296 delegates from across the country meet in Beijing for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), media, commentators, and the public are watching to see how the Party will govern and who will lead it for the next five years. First held in 1921, and then roughly every five years since the 1970s, the Congress is where promotions are made, reshuffles carried out, and retirements confirmed, as CPC reveals its next top members and lays out broad priorities for governance.

It is also a chance to reflect on the changes and development of the previous five years since the Party last gathered. Since 2017’s 19th Congress, China has seen monumental changes: From the removal of the two-child policy to coping with the coronavirus pandemic, from a booming livestream industry to regulating tech companies, from milk tea mania to anti-food waste campaigns. Here, we visualize some of the ways Chinese society has evolved over the last five years.

Infographic by Nicoco Chan


China Internet Network Information Center

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