Chinese poet

Poet Shangyang Fang on Avoiding Tokenizing When Writing in English

“I refuse to conform to this stupidity”: Up-and-coming poet Shangyang Fang talks to TWOC about musicality in verse and not conforming to tropes

Movie Director cover

The Mountains Sing: Yang Xiao on Documenting Guangxi’s Fading Folk Music

A new film by Guangxi-born director Yang Xiao bends an ear to the region’s dying tradition of ethnic folk ballads

Children of the Corn Cover

Children of the Corn: How Pan Dehai’s “Fatties” Distort the Past and Present

Painter Pan Dehai talks with TWOC about the ’85 New Wave movement and the reception of his cute but satiric political works

Riot Girl Band

The All-Female Punk Band With a Social Conscience

TWOC sits down with all-female punk outfit Dummy Toys to talk about feminism, avoiding labels, and what music means to them

Tungus, 2021

Wang Tuo’s Savage Country

Artist Wang Tuo offers macabre meditations on China's past and present

Zoetrope Interview

The Light Inside

Director Khashem Gyal on film as a religion and how real culture is “inner” culture

Chongqing Teahouse couple

How a Chongqing Teahouse Fuses Art and Dessert

A Chinese millennial couple creates contemporary Chinese sweets and designs that make a difference in daily life

Yue Mingyue art piece

Tapestry of Life and Death | Art

Beijing-based fiber artist Yue Mingyue talks to TWOC about connecting life and death through her work

Zhang Hong new end cover

The First Blind Chinese Person to Summit Everest

Zhang Hong talks to TWOC about being first blind Chinese person, and third blind person in the world, to summit earth's tallest mountain