Kunming’s Dwarf Kingdom: Exploitation or Empowerment?

A first-hand look at the controversial Yunnan theme park claiming to provide a haven for China’s “little people”


Fangyan Friday: The Hybrid Ming Court Dialect of Kunming

'Kunminghua' is a fusion of Ming dynasty official Mandarin and multiple ethnic minority dialects in Yunnan

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Mosuo on the Move

On Lugu Lake, China’s last matrilineal culture is in chaotic transition


Tech Thursday Episode 40

Worm turns on caterpillar fungus, pennies from heaven, Huawei’s “very scary” technology, China has the biggest number of patents and WeChat passport


Shower of the Gods

In deepest Yunnan, a purification ritual brings peace to the living—and the dead


Cut Off: The Final Days of General Ming Rui

The sad tale of General Ming Rui, who fought and died in a forgotten war between China and Myanmar

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