I’ve Never Had a Winning Ticket | Fiction

A tale of chance and mishap, from Chinese author Jiang Zijian

We’d moved to yet another new city. In the matter of renting an apartment, I only had one requirement: There had to be a lottery shop downstairs. Everything else was up to my girlfriend.

She thought there was a lot else that could be done with 2 RMB—buy a spoon to use for a year, a pack of tissues to use for three days, a bottle of water to drink for a day, or even just blast the air conditioner all night. Why waste it on a daydream? With the money I’d spent on lottery tickets, I could have already bought a new imported oven; instead, I’d not even won enough to buy a slice of bread.

We’d had a big argument about this. However, after we found a new apart

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Jiang Zijian is a contributing writer at The World of Chinese.

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