Behind the Scenes at China’s Christmas Factories

It’s always holiday season in Yiwu, a “fourth-tier” Chinese city where migrant workers churn out two-thirds of the world’s Christmas decorations


The Workers in Limbo During Guangzhou’s Covid Outbreak

Workers in Guangzhou’s urban villages face days living on the streets as their residences restrict entry


From Janitor to Painter: “With Art, I Have Somewhere to Unload My Burden”

How 50-year-old “cleaning auntie” Wang Liuyun discovered freedom in painting


Memoirs of a ‘Postpartum Nanny’

“We have no hope of being seen as human”: a writer recalls her mother’s struggles as a ‘yuesao,’ a nanny specializing in newborn and new mother care


A Middle-Aged Nanny’s Literary Dreams in the City

Leaving behind an abusive marriage, a migrant worker from the countryside discovered a literature club and reignited her dreams of writing


The “Bangbang” Laborer Who Saved Me From the Streets

When my father kicked me out, one of Chongqing’s “bangbang” porters took me in


How are Shanghai’s Migrant Workers Surviving Lockdown?

Four migrant workers in Shanghai share their lockdown stories of food shortages and being unable to work


My Life Painting Thousands of Van Goghs on the Assembly Line

One migrant worker’s journey from reproducing Van Goghs in an “art factory” to painting on the streets of Amsterdam


No Retirement Before Death: The Story of an Aging Migrant Worker

What’s it like battling poverty and being unable to retire as a migrant worker in China today?


I’ve Never Had a Winning Ticket | Fiction

A tale of chance and mishap, from Chinese author Jiang Zijian

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