Blast in Hebei Kills Two and Other Trending News

Explosion kills two and injures 22, “gaokao” results released, farmers allowed to pay for property with wheat, Hong Kong floating restaurant sinks—it’s Viral Week


Furious Bank Customers Get Red Health Codes and Other Trending News

Improper use of health codes sparks outrage, Beijing bar shut down after Covid outbreak, education company pivots to livestreaming, male student expelled for drugging female classmate—it’s Viral Week

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Close Encounters: Inside Chinese UFO Hunters’ Search for Extraterrestrial Life

As interest in science fiction and space exploration grows, China’s grassroots UFO enthusiasts continue to search for answers


Mudslide Causes Fatal Train Crash and Other Trending News

High-speed train driver killed in crash, man struck by lightning on dragon boat, four dead in Sichuan earthquake, gradual reopening in Shanghai and Beijing —it’s Viral Week


53 Dead in Building Collapse and Other Trending News

Cooking and cleaning added to school curriculum, Weibo shows users’ locations, Beijing Covid-19 restrictions tighten, Changsha building collapses—it’s Viral Week


What’s Ailing China’s Trauma-Response System?

The aftermath of the MU5735 air crash brings attention to the need of long-term psychological support for victims of disasters and their families


Plane Crash Tragedy and Other Trending News

Plane crashes leaving no survivors, Shanghai in Covid lockdown, P&G apologizes for sexist commercial—it’s Viral Week


Anti-War Poetry in Ancient China

Four ancient Chinese poets on human suffering amid turbulence and war


Viral Week: Gas Explosion Kills Four and Other Trending News

Famous musician detained for soliciting prostitute, four dead in Shenyang gas explosion, “love psychology” lecture oversubscribed, Beijing Covid-19 outbreak—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Devastating floods in Henan and other trending news

Floods cause chaos, China wins first medals of Tokyo Olympics, Quanzhou named new UNESCO site, CEO expelled from Communist Party—it's Viral Week

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