Viral Week: Devastating floods in Henan and other trending news

Floods cause chaos, China wins first medals of Tokyo Olympics, Quanzhou named new UNESCO site, CEO expelled from Communist Party—it's Viral Week


72 Hours in Henan's Floods

Photos and voices from the people living through catastrophic floods central China


The Chinese Who Survived the Titanic

'The Six,' a new documentary executive-produced by James Cameron, reveals the hidden stories of six Chinese survivors aboard the Titanic


Viral Week: The world's largest exam begins and other trending news

Gaokao begins, tornadoes rip through Heilongjiang, rare monkey visits villagers in Shaanxi, dog receives ideological education—it's Viral Week


Viral Week: The "Father of Hybrid Rice" dies and other trending news

Yuan Longping passes away, ultramarathon hit by tragedy, skyscraper starts shaking, child gymnast rolls into the record books—it's Viral Week

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