Forgotten Lives in a Leprosy Colony

A filmmaker chronicles life in one of China’s last remaining villages for patients with leprosy


The Life of a Female Bus Driver in China

“I’ve spent two-thirds of my life on the road”: A female tour bus driver speaks about working away from home and being a minority in a male-dominated field


The High Barriers to Accessibility in China’s Cities

Inclusion vs. reality for four disabled people in four different cities


My Life Painting Thousands of Van Goghs on the Assembly Line

One migrant worker’s journey from reproducing Van Goghs in an “art factory” to painting on the streets of Amsterdam


My Time as a Guard in a Women’s Detention Center

Dealing with troubled pasts, endless waiting, and death sentences at a women’s detention center


I Made My Own Medicine to Keep My Son Alive

“I’m no chem whiz, I just needed to save my son”: Unable to find medicine for his son’s Menkes syndrome, a father decides to make his own


Selling My Soul for Views: Breaking in as a Female Livestreamer

A former female livestreamer shares her story of sexualizing herself to attract big-spending clients


No Retirement Before Death: The Story of an Aging Migrant Worker

What’s it like battling poverty and being unable to retire as a migrant worker in China today?


I Sacrificed 16 Years to the Mines

Miner-poet Chen Nianxi tells the harrowing story of his years working as a blaster underground


My Years as a Wildlife Rescue Worker

From observing giant pandas in the high-altitude forests of Sichuan to raising baby badgers in Nanjing city—what’s it like working to protect wildlife in China?

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