On the Trail of China’s Last Reindeer Herders

Renowned documentary director Gu Tao recounts his journey into indie filmmaking and his years living with Ewenki herders in northern China


From Janitor to Painter: “With Art, I Have Somewhere to Unload My Burden”

How 50-year-old “cleaning auntie” Wang Liuyun discovered freedom in painting


Memoirs of a ‘Postpartum Nanny’

“We have no hope of being seen as human”: a writer recalls her mother’s struggles as a ‘yuesao,’ a nanny specializing in newborn and new mother care


I Was a Funeral Home Worker, Making Sales Pitches About Death

Staking out hospitals, meeting body quotas: a “body transporter” shares his memories from the competitive undertaking of death


Heavy Smoke, Arsonists, Human Tragedies: 8 Years in the Life of a Chinese Firefighter

A former firefigher reflects on human emotions and fragility of life in the course of his dangerous career


As a Rural Doctor, I Don’t Want to Pass the Baton

A second-generation village physician reflects on the decline of her profession and its uncertain future over a 20-year career


A Middle-Aged Nanny’s Literary Dreams in the City

Leaving behind an abusive marriage, a migrant worker from the countryside discovered a literature club and reignited her dreams of writing


Saving Traditional Chinese Music, One TikTok at a Time

Faced with dwindling interest and pandemic restrictions, traditional Chinese musicians turn to the internet to make a living and preserve their dying sounds


A Chinese Textile Worker’s Two Decades of Dreams in South Africa

How two generations of a Chinese migrant family established a foothold halfway across the world


Surviving a Summer of Extremes

Ordinary people from Chongqing and Sichuan share how they survived the heat waves and wildfires

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