The Time My Son Wore a Skirt to School

The father of 7-year-old Lele explains why he supported his son's decision to wear a skirt to school, despite the inevitable backlash


The Life of a Millennial Factory Worker

Pyramid Schemes, Menial Work, Debt—Over 40 years on from China's reform and opening, one young worker describes life in the country's factories today


My baby was born with a rare disease—should I let him die?

A father from Shandong recounts living with a child with a congenital illness


Connecting would-be Chinese parents with American surrogates

An insider of the American surrogacy industry shares stories about practice banned in China


China Lights #5: "I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good with women"

Thoughts on sex, marriage, and death from a former Beijing "street kid"


China Lights: "My biggest regret is that I chose the wrong husband"

One woman's life from working the fields of Anhui to cleaning the streets of Beijing


My Mom Was a Vietnamese Bride

One woman's story of being trafficked from Vietnam and sold for marriage in China


China Lights #3: "I only earned 10 times less than Chairman Mao"

"If the Cultural Revolution hadn't life might have been completely different"—a retired factory worker recounts his life in Beijing amid upheaval and poverty

Parents at 16

Two former teen parents open up about their struggles with family and responsibility

China Lights #2: “I was raided five times in three days”

“I’ve had a hell of a life!”—a bingtanghulu vendor (and ex-millionaire) shares his bittersweet memories

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