At World’s End: My Life in China’s Antarctic Research Station

Four-time Antarctic expeditioner Cao Jianxi recalls the dangers, thrills, and lifelong bonds he developed in one of the world’s most extreme environments


The Myanmar Brides Trafficked to China

Documentary director Wang Xiuyue follows a family of women trafficked to China from Myanmar as they seek autonomy and romance


My Mother Ran a Street Stall for 13 Years, Eking Out a Living on the Margins

A young man recalls his family business in a small town in northwestern China, and the mother who was the backbone of the venture


Transforming China’s Search-and-Rescue Sector, One Dog at a Time

Follow a father-son duo who trained some of China’s first internationally certified search-and-rescue dogs, and dream of having a dog for every city


Hand in Hand, We Face the End of Life Together

NGO founder Wang Ying shares what’s ailing palliative care in China, plus her own battle with cancer


Tough Love: Healing the Trauma of Corporal Punishment

As China revises its law on violence against minors, debate lingers over whether physical discipline is still an acceptable parenting method


Their Last Portraits: Photographing 3,000 Elders in the Countryside

Photographer Yang Xin takes free “funeral portraits” for elderly people in remote villages, and learns about their attitude to life and death


I Have an Intellectual Disability, But I Still Desire Sex and Love

Two sex educators for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities discuss how society can better serve this vulnerable community


My Decade of Studying Female Inmates in Prison

A researcher reflects on the social factors driving an increase in crimes committed by women, and what’s being done to help