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The Evolution of Factory Life in China’s Industrial Northeast

A look back at the past of one of Jilin’s most important industries shows just how far the province has come


Ancient Poems About Laborers’ Plight

On International Workers’ Day, we take a look at how ancient poets wrote about labor and the working classes


The Most Controversial Proposals from this Year’s “Two Sessions”

The highlights and most notable proposals from the annual meetings of China’s legislative bodies


Netizens React to Ukraine Conflict and Other Trending News

Netizens debate Russia-Ukraine conflict, ByteDance employee dies after overtime work, Covid-19 outbreak connected to Wuhan, Beijing to fund fertility treatments—it’s Viral Week


TV Show Highlights the Lives of Professional Hostesses

A popular thriller set in 1980s Taiwan humanizes the women behind a difficult and stigmatized profession


No Retirement Before Death: The Story of an Aging Migrant Worker

What’s it like battling poverty and being unable to retire as a migrant worker in China today?


I Sacrificed 16 Years to the Mines

Miner-poet Chen Nianxi tells the harrowing story of his years working as a blaster underground


My Mother Was a Sex Worker

A young woman reminisces about growing up and learning about love, life, and family in the red-light district


The Life of a Millennial Factory Worker

Pyramid Schemes, Menial Work, Debt—Over 40 years on from China's reform and opening, one young worker describes life in the country's factories today


Student’s Suicide Exposes Abusive Factory Internships

Long hours, low pay, and intimidation a regular feature of vocational work study programs

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