72 Hours in Henan's Floods

Photos and voices from the people living through catastrophic floods central China



Factory worker

The Life of a Millennial Factory Worker

Pyramid Schemes, Menial Work, Debt—Over 40 years on from China's reform and opening, one young worker describes life in the country's factories today


Choice Chengyu: Elephantine Phrases

Learn essential idioms about elephants from Chinese history


Father searching for son

Viral Week: Father and son reunited after 24 years and other trending news

Father searches 24 years for trafficked son, man steals manhole covers to pay live streamer, a Kris Wu scandal—it's Viral Week

Zhang Zhehan

Why are Chinese Fans Calling Male Celebs "Wife"?

As male stars play more complex characters, female fans are giving them traditionally feminine labels

Two Chinese vocational students

Student’s Suicide Exposes Abusive Factory Internships

Long hours, low pay, and intimidation a regular feature of vocational work study programs

mango sago

The Hong Kong Dessert with an Immortal Name

Learn how to make the ‘Sweet Dew of the Willow Branch,' a delicious sweet summer treat

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TWOC Tales with a Twist

  • July 14, 2021
  • The Great Outdoors 野友趣精酿餐酒吧
  • Free

Join us on July 14th for a night of stories where fact and fiction blend. During this open mic event, people can share stories, whether real or not. The crowd will be the judge if they believe your story!

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What is the Future of China’s Animation Industry?

  • June 26, 2021
  • The Great Outdoors 野友趣精酿餐酒吧
  • Free

On June 26, join us for an exclusive events with influential guests from the animation industry in China.

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TWOC Tales with Cocktails

  • June 15, 2021
  • Soi Baochao 宝钞仓库酒吧
  • Free

Join us on June 15th for a night of stories! During this open mic event, people get to share stories around topics inspired by our previous magazine releases

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