The Sun Rises: New Novel Gives Genderfluid Take on the Ming Dynasty

Asian-Australian author Shelley Parker-Chan’s “She Who Became the Sun” may not be historically accurate, but that’s not the main reason to read it


The Road to Consent Culture in China

Brutal assault in Tangshan renews calls for better education on sexual consent in China


China’s “Sex and the City” Rethinks Female Portrayal on TV

Despite its corny name, highly rated new series “Delicious Romance” is shattering years of shallow female characterization on television


The Life of a Female Bus Driver in China

“I’ve spent two-thirds of my life on the road”: A female tour bus driver speaks about working away from home and being a minority in a male-dominated field


Feminine Beauty Brings Disaster

Ding Xuan has some really sexist, really dumb ideas about young women

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