Fangyan Friday #3: The Rap of Sichuanese

TWOC’s guide to the dialect of Deng Xiaoping—and modern Chinese hip-hop


Dissing with Chinese Characteristics

In China’s regulated rap industry, dissing takes on patriotism, celeb-baiting, and other unique forms


Against the Flow

“Rap of China” hopeful on why she refuses to conform in an increasingly stifled hip-hop industry

Subscriber Exclusive

Hip Hop-aganda?

The modernization of state media content blurs the line between entertainment and publicity


Show of the Week: The Rap of China

It’s mostly remembered for giving us slang, but this hip hop show is refreshingly different from the usual Chinese music competition


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 111

THAAD rap, male pregnancy experience, touchy-feely security, and much more

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