Netizens React to Ukraine Conflict and Other Trending News

Netizens debate Russia-Ukraine conflict, ByteDance employee dies after overtime work, Covid-19 outbreak connected to Wuhan, Beijing to fund fertility treatments—it’s Viral Week


Panda Escapes at Beijing Zoo and Other Trending News

Panda’s daring escape attempt from Bejing Zoo, Omicron variant discovered in China, crab rescues clothing, Han dynasty emperor’s mausoleum identified—it’s Viral Week


My baby was born with a rare disease—should I let him die?

A father from Shandong recounts living with a child with a congenital illness

Parents at 16

Two former teen parents open up about their struggles with family and responsibility


Enfant Terrible

Misbehaving “bear kids” are causing damage at a high price


Toddler Training

A 5-year-old’s 15-page CV reflects China’s latest schooling phenomenon: the Super Kid

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Daddy Issues

With “wonder dads” becoming the new face of Chinese families, many fear extra pressures on already fragile fathers

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Boys Won’t Be Boys

Are educators and pop idols to blame for China’s alleged “masculinity crisis?”


Viral Week Ep.168

Bingbing (maybe) behind bars, rainbow trout sinks, kindergartener goes to wrong school, and fourth-graders count rice—it’s Viral Week


Scare Tactics

The bogeymen and threats that Chinese parents use on children

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