Signs of the Times: Why Chinese Sign Language Users Struggle to Understand Each Other

China has 20 million sign language users, but regional varieties and misguided policies mean they still struggle to communicate


“Asking for a Friend” on the Chinese Internet

How Chinese netizens use their imaginary friends to hide their embarrassment


Bullied Photographer Commits Suicide and Other Trending News

Bullied photographer’s suicide, TV show criticized for on-screen cat death, traditional meat smoking causes fires, Canada Goose in hot water again—it’s Viral Week


Hidden in Plain Sight: China’s Visually Impaired Still Struggle to be Seen

A lack of braille signage and braille education continue to present barriers for China’s visually impaired


Myth and Mechas: “Iron Widow” Sees Historical Figures Piloting Robots | Book Review

Wu Zetian defeats giant robot (and the patriarchy) in new novel


My Time as a Guard in a Women’s Detention Center

Dealing with troubled pasts, endless waiting, and death sentences at a women’s detention center


The Low Bar for Online Defamation in China

Several women have been falsely accused of promiscuity and “money worship” online, highlighting a lack of legal protection against internet rumors


The Strangest Deaths of Ancient Chinese Rulers

From falling into a toilet to being struck by lightning, these are the weirdest deaths ever to befall imperial Chinese rulers


Chinese Sci-Fi Beyond “The Three Body Problem” | Book Review

Newly translated short stories map out China’s sci-fi universe for English readers


False Viral “Gold-Digger” Photo Sparks Debate and Other Trending News

Dead livestreamer’s ashes stolen for “ghost marriage,” mother arrested for buying foreign medicine for sick son, cuddly cactus toy turns out to be singing about suicide—it’s Viral Week

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