Behind the Screen: A Brief History of Chinese “Pingfeng”

How the humble “pingfeng” screen came to adorn everything from cave dwellings to the emperor’s throne

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Protecting the Rice Bowl: China’s Relentless Quest for Food Security

With Covid-19 affecting domestic farming and global food supplies, can China ever reach its goal of food security?


“Lipstick King” Li Jiaqi Returns and Other Trending News

Li Jiaqi returns, Tangshan assault perpetrator gets 24 years, netizens question lack of menstrual pads for sale on trains, betel nut bans—it’s Viral Week

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Pretty Talks: Talk Like a Chinese Beauty Influencer

Considering a career as a beauty influencer? Talk like one first.


Greatest Mysteries: The Story of China’s Most Famous UFO Sighting

In 1994, a woodcutter claimed to have a date with a 3-meter-tall female alien, and never wavered from his story since


Netizen Takes on Fallen Celebs

When police detained Li Yifeng, his fans took to social media to vent


All the Ways to Enjoy a Taste of Autumn With Lotus Root

Autumn in China is the season for lotus roots, and people all over the country enjoy them in different ways


Meet the Young People Working as Security Guards

More and more young people are taking jobs as security guards, positions normally reserved for middle-aged migrant workers—why?


The “Bangbang” Laborer Who Saved Me From the Streets

When my father kicked me out, one of Chongqing’s “bangbang” porters took me in


Sheep Game Goes Viral and Other Trending News

Sheep-raising game on WeChat goes viral, quarantine bus crash kills 27, woman on solo road trip seeks divorce, and monkeypox found in Chongqing—it’s Viral Week

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