A Stunted Soybean: 13 Years at My Family’s Tofu Workshop

With a childhood spent working day and night making tofu, a young man reflects on the changes his family and the society went through


How Did Ancient Chinese Wash Their Clothes?

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Can a Comedy Film Combat Online Defamation?

Acclaimed for its focus on cyber bullying and online rumors, the film “Post Truth” courts controversy for its shallow view on the surging social issue


You Slaw It Everywhere: How Chinese Cabbage Connects Generations

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Last Logout: The Memories Left Behind When World of Warcraft Ended in China

When World of Warcraft ended in China earlier this year, players lost more than just a computer game


Fertile Ground: Sperm Banks in China Struggle to Meet Growing Demand

Demand for sperm banks is rising, but young men struggle to meet tough technical and societal standards to donate


Five Mega Scandals From China’s Annual Consumer Rights Festival

From chemical rice to monstrous “water armies,” here are the most shocking consumer rights scandals revealed during China’s annual “3.15 Gala”


Chinese Netizens Are Asking: Have You Spoken Decently Today?

How the “yin-yang tone” of Chinese netizens turns praise into criticism and sincerity into satire


The Shady World of Chinese Online Reviews

Welcome to the world of Chinese consumer reviews, where fakes lurk round every corner and a “water army” can torpedo e-commerce businesses


How Ancient Chinese Scammers Tricked Consumers

Ancient Chinese consumers had to watch out for all manner of frauds and fake goods

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