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How English Went from Imperialist Treachery to Lingua Franca

While English language education was once practically forbidden, decades of reform have turned it into massive business


Inside China’s “Gaokao Factory”

A former students recounts her grueling schedule and eventual withdrawal from Hengshui, a city notorious for exam-prep schools


Class Struggles: Vocational Schools Still Fail to Provide Opportunities to Students

Dogged by social stigma and lack of resources, vocational high schools fail to give students the education they need to succeed in modern China


Student’s Suicide Exposes Abusive Factory Internships

Long hours, low pay, and intimidation a regular feature of vocational work study programs


China's School Counseling Throes

School psychologists struggle to protect students’ privacy and serve their mental health needs


Seoul of Education

For 70 years, South Korea’s Overseas Chinese High School has taught Confucian philosophy and kept a political balance between two countries


Keeping up with the Zhous

China’s cutthroat education environment is stressing parents as well


Class Acts

For a century, school uniforms have mirrored social and political shifts in China

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