2023: A Year in Feminist News

Eight noteworthy stories from a tumultuous year for gender-based news and developments in China


How a Rural Woman Found Solace in Poetry

How poetry helped Han Shimei endure a loveless marriage and a lifetime of hardship in rural China


The Myanmar Brides Trafficked to China

Documentary director Wang Xiuyue follows a family of women trafficked to China from Myanmar as they seek autonomy and romance


Weird and Colorful Proposals from this Year’s “Two Sessions”

Some of the most notable and controversial proposals from the annual meetings of China’s legislative bodies


The Tortuous History of Modern Chinese Feminism

A brief history of modern Chinese feminism: From anti-foot-binding marches, to the viral sexual harassment cases, and the struggle for reproductive rights


For Land’s Sake: The Women Fighting to Keep Hold of Their Rural Land

Struggling against sexist notions, married women try to hold on to their land rights


Romance and Rebellion in Republican China

How picture newspapers in the early 20th century reflected changing views on freedom and love


The Most Controversial Proposals from this Year’s “Two Sessions”

The highlights and most notable proposals from the annual meetings of China’s legislative bodies


China’s ‘Self-Comb Women’ Never Smashed the Patriarchy. So What?

Some anti-marriage activists are trying to lay claim to the self-comb legacy. They’re missing these women’s real significance.


China Lights #5: "I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty good with women"

Thoughts on sex, marriage, and death from a former Beijing "street kid"