What Does ‘Upcoming Summer’ Say about Youth and Love?

A “controversial” teen summer movie tackles coming-of-age and (possible) LGBT themes


'Sister' Spotlights Male-Preferring Families

"Sister" puts the spotlight on Chinese families' traditional preference for sons


Film Review: Chasing Her Shadow

Peng Fei's new movie explores how war orphans raised in China adapt to new lives in Japan


Dealing with China's Cinema Censorship

What it takes to get Chinese film and TV to market


Chinese Women Behind the Camera

Chloé Zhao and five more female film directors of Chinese descent to watch


Watching with Mother

How an emotional female-centric comedy beat big budget competition at the Chinese box office


Remote Tales

Films about ethnic minorities gain acclaim among China’s urban movie-goers


Transpacific Flop

In trying to please everybody, Disney’s new live-action ‘Mulan’ has failed to satisfy anyone

The Making of “The Farewell”

Join TWOC for a behind-the-scenes talk with movie producer Jane Zheng this Saturday, November 23


Viral Week Ep. 211

Calm storm reporter, director apologize for bad film, Golden Horse films pulled, and KTV collapses lung—it’s Viral Week

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