The Chang Trap: Why Eileen Chang’s Writing Rarely Works on the Big Screen

Why is it so hard to adapt the works of novelist Eileen Chang?


Dealing with China's Cinema Censorship

What it takes to get Chinese film and TV to market


Rap Revolution

Polarizing new rap show promotes “gentle” lyrics and serious themes


Viral Week Ep. 205

Movies and liquor renamed, death by a joke, another video assault, and the day that broke Weibo—it’s Viral Week


Flight of Fantasy

Fantasy series’ last-minute disappearance was the latest high-profile “postponement” in Chinese entertainment


Viral Week Ep. 195

Hard-headed workers, banned eggs, Durex disgusts Weibo, and Tencent turns on the Switch—it’s Viral Week


TV concubines ‘must get along’

Palace dramas, banned for glamorizing courtly intrigue, may be allowed back if female leads display “core socialist values”


Message in a Bottle

WeChat has dropped one of its more endearing features—the ability to message complete strangers via bottle—due to complaints of pornography


Tech Thursday: A Tale of Tik Tok

The Chinese roots of the global social media craze


Tech Thursday Episode 37

Students exit moon lab, high schoolers get facial recognized, WeChat blog shuttered after Didi murder, and further Weibo crackdowns

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